Aukey Neckband Wireless Headphones Bluetooth EP-B33 Key Series- Grey

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Specifications: Magnetic Quickswitch 8 Hours Playtime Secure-fit and ultra-light for all day comfort IPX6 Sweat proof and water-resistant 10min USB-C Fast refuel = 80min play Stylish and handy carrying pouch What the B60 lack in polish, though, they make up for in functionality. There are two magnets in the headset, one in each bud, that stick together to form a loop around your neck when you're not listening to music. That's not an uncommon feature in earbuds like these, but here, there's a twist: rather than pausing media playback, snapping the two buds together powers them off completely. Pulling them apart will turn them on and tell them to reconnect to your phone. This makes pairing the B60 for the first time a little awkward — you have to pull them out of the box, stick the two ends together, then pull them apart again to initiate pairing — but once you're over that hurdle, using them is a pleasure. The headset will be on and connected by the time you pick up your phone, no button-presses required.
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