Belkin Mixit Duratek Apple Watch Charging Module USB Cable 4ft/1.2m - Rose Gold

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KEVLAR® STRONG Smartwatches send us calendar updates, track our steps, and forward messages, that’s why reliability is important. DuraTek cables are designed to deliver a charge in even the most demanding situations. Kevlar® fibers reinforce the inner wiring for added strength while abrasion-resistant nylon forms a tough outer jacket, and highly flexible insulation minimizes damage from friction. This high-performance combination reinforces the cable at the stress points to provide ultimate durability. Please, note: This Magnetic Charging Module is 16% larger than the original Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable that came with your Apple Watch. THE BELKIN DIFFERENCE Pioneer in technology and innovation for over 30 years Kevlar® weave for extra strength Matching MIXIT↑ accessories available STRONG ENOUGH TO KEEP UP WITH YOU From home to office to gym, charge your Apple Watch anywhere, just throw your cable in your bag and go. Kevlar’s resistant aramid fiber is used for everything from bullet resistant vests and crash helmets to surfboards and extreme sports gear. The Kevlar strands built into the MIXIT↑ DuraTek Apple Watch Charge Cable add strength and provide structure that protects the wires inside from damage. Rest assured, your cable can keep up with your busy lifestyle. RESILIENT AND FLEXIBILE ENOUGH TO REACH ANY OUTLET Built to withstand all the twists and turns of life, this 4-foot cable reaches from floor to nightstand with ease. The external cable is made from a hard-wearing nylon material that’s double braided so it can resist abrasions caused during transportation or rubbing against your desk. It’s also more flexible, lightweight and less prone to fraying. PROTECTIVE INSULATION KEEPS WIRES ALIVE Thanks to protective insulation the wires inside are protected from damage as the cable bends and flexes. The highly flexible insulation within a DuraTek cable allows it to bend easily. The wires within can move without damage while minimizing friction, so you don’t have to sacrifice mobility. POWERFUL CONNECTION MADE EASY Magnetic inductive charging makes it easy to achieve an optimal charge. Simply hold the Apple Watch Charging Module near the back of your watch, the magnets will do the rest. A perfect alignment with your Apple Watch allows for an optimal charge. The Charging Module also enables you to use your Apple Watch in NightStand mode while it charges. KEY FEATURES/BENEFITS Convenient USB-A connector Magnetic Charging Module provides optimal alignment with your Apple Watch Strengthened strain relief survives more wear and tear Kevlar®-reinforced conductors provide added durability Double-braided nylon is abrasion resistant and reduces fraying
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