Belkin USB-C Fast Car Charging 36W/3A - Black

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CHARGE FASTER ON THE GO With 36W of power, the USB-C Car Charger can charge all your devices in a flash. Enable Fast Charge for iOS by connecting the charger to Apple’s USB-C to Lightning cable (sold separately), or connect larger devices like iPads and MacBooks and always arrive with your battery at 100%. As the demand for on-the-go power increases, look to Belkin for trustworthy USB-C expertise. THE BELKIN DIFFERENCE: Pioneer in technology and innovation for over 30 years Fast Charge capability for iPad Pro, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X Sufficient power to charge larger devices like iPad Pro and MacBook THINK BIGGER The USB-C Car Charger is powerful enough to charge larger devices like iPad Pro and MacBook on the go. No more waiting for devices to charge before you can leave the house, and no more searching for an outlet once you get there. ARRIVE FULLY CHARGED The USB-C Car Charger surpasses your phone’s power needs and continues to charge even while battery-draining navigation and music apps are running. Fully charge devices even on short trips with Fast Charge for iOS. RELAX ON THE ROAD As industry leaders in USB-C technology, Belkin is committed to the quality of our chargers and the safety of your devices. At a Glance: 36W of power for iPhone 8, 8 Plus iPhone X , iPad Pro or MacBook charging Faster charging for short trips and commutes Keep batteries full while using power-draining music or navigation apps
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