Case Mate CreaturePods Case for Apple AirPods 1/2 - Edge The Bad Boy

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Meet Edge! Edge is a habitual pessimist and a true grump. Edge is the fiercest of the monster crew and very impulsive. You wouldn't want to be on Edge’s bad side. Add a little character to your AirPod case. Fall into the world of CreaturePods TM, CreaturePods are on a mission to capture AirPods and keep them safe whenever you're not using them. Clip them onto your backpack, belt loop, or purse for easy access. Collect all 5 CreaturePods to change up your AirPods Case as often as you please! This cute creature will become your favorite accessory’s new best friend! Collect all 5 - one to go with each of your moods! Provides drop and scratch protection Circular ring clip Precision molded fit Wireless Charging Compatible Lightning port access Compatible with AirPods 1/2
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