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What’s better than diamonds and rings? Diamond rings! And now you can add some of that spice to your mobile life with FLAVR’s Diamond Rings protective phone case! Saucy, red and full of attitude. Nope, we are not talking about the apple of your eye. We’re talking about the apple in your hand. FLAVR’s patterned case adds that extra bling and flair that transforms your mobile wonder into a proper eye-catcher. Poppy designs meet quirky colors. Shock-absorbing TPU couples together with a comfortable and secure grip. Yep, tally them up. But most importantly, FLAVR’s patterns have been carefully placed to seamlessly blend with your phone’s logo and design. Your phone + your personal touch = a life with FLAVR. Quick ‘n easy snap-on attachment! A super duper TPU shell keeps your phone super safe from general carelessness! Delicious designs keep you from being dull and flavorless!
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