Fuse Chicken Armour Travel Charge Cable USB to Lightning Connector

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Life should be about the journey, not reaching your destination before you need a charge. ARMOUR TRAVEL is a beautifully woven stainless steel cable wrapped in a detailed aluminum key-fob sized housing. Durable and Practical. Elegant and Indestructable. MFi Lightning Certified Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED STAINLESS STEEL CHARGING ARMOUR TRAVEL brings industrial-grade cable wrapped in a woven stainless steel and encloses it in an aluminum housing. The Lightning and USB connectors are permanently sealed with housings that are fused directly over the electronics and mutable cabling. The ARMOUR TRAVEL is designed to attach to your keys and is the size of most car key fobs. SPECIFICATIONS Cable: 5 inches / 13 cm Wrapped in 100% woven stainless steel Enclosed in a detailed aluminum housing MFI iPhone Lightning to USB Quick-release key ring STRENGTH AND DURABILITY Woven from 100% stainless steel strands, with detailed aluminum housing, ARMOUR TRAVEL provides the strength and durability to survive whether at your home, office, or on the road. NORMAL IS BORING No need to continuing watching "normal" cables break and fray after a few trips out of the house. ARMOUR TRAVEL gives you beautifully crafted stainless steel charging wherever life takes you.
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