Gadget Guard TechClean Soapy Wipes 20 Pack

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Gadget GuardMulti-Purpose Soap Based Cleaning Wipe for Phone, Computer and Laptop, Alcohol and Ammonia Free, 100% Plant Based (1 Travel Pouch/ 20 Count) ● FOR ALL SURFACES: This soap-based wipe is safe for use on a wide range of electronics, from TVs and tablets to laptops and smartphones, to remove bacteria and viruses. Competitors electronic cleaners are NOT developed with electronic devices in mind and over time alcohol-based wipes will break down the oleophobic coating of your phone’s screen. ● ECO-FRIENDLY: These 100% plant-based wipes use a solution of 10% sodium laureth sulfate (soap) and 90% water, which is safe for your skin and more effective than hand sanitizer. That’s right, scientists agree that soap and water is the most effective way to remove bacteria and viruses. ● ON-THE-GO: Perfect for travel and on-the-go daily cleaning of high-contact surfaces like door handles, touch screens, car steering wheels, electronic devices, your hands and more. ● ALCOHOL FREE: Gentle on skin and electronics, but tough on germs and bacteria. This soap-based wipe effectively cleans dirt and germs from high-touch surfaces while maintaining your device screens protective oleophobic coating. ● GADGET GUARD: We formulated this unique soap-based cleaning wipe to guard mobile devices and the people who use them. When your devices are kept in good condition, they last longer, so protect them and yourself with Gadget Guard.
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