Gear4 Vancouver Snap Case for Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max - Blue

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Gear4 Vancouver Snap Case
Did you know Vancouver, BC is home to over 170 game development studios? The new Vancouver Snap case from Gear4 pays homage to this vibrant city. Gear4 designed a case for mobile gamers with 13-foot drop protection (4 meters), MagSafe compatibility, air vents, and a textured surface with a contoured grip, so gamers play comfortably for as long as they want. Vancouver Snap is the perfect companion for virtual and IRL adventurers.

Product Features:

Compatible with MagSafe, built-in magnets "snap" the charger in place
13 feet of drop protection from D30, a pliable, flexible material that hardens on impact, dissipating shock and protecting the device
Contoured design that fits comfortably in the gamer's hand and a textured surface for a sure grip
Designed for those long gaming sessions, it’s even got air vents that allow air to circulate
Protection and comfort while still being slim and lightweight
Antimicrobial treatment built in to protect the case
Compatible with wireless chargers and Apple’s MagSafe charging system

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