Goui VALEN PD Plus Ultra-Fast Charging Power Bank 30’000mAh - Black

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THE FASTEST CHARGING POWERBANKS FOR ALL DEVICES! These new chargers have something that no other charger has: Safety Fire Protection: Safety standard VO - Fire retardant Multi-Protection: An advanced system that protects your battery and same time your devices from: Over Charging, Over Discharging, Over Current, Over Voltage, Short-Circuit, Heating Control, Prevent reverse charging, Electromagnetic field protection. Supports PD Technology + Qualcomm Technology Valen, a powerful powerbank, comes to you with a capacity of 26800 mAh.This not only gives you more than enough charger for your smart devices, but it's smooth and stylish finish gives it the fashionable look that all powerbanks should have. Power Delivery technology and provides fast charging for any of your USB Type C-enabled device(USB C cable or lightning to USB C cable is not included ). We suggest pairing it with devices that support Power Delivery function for maximum charging performance. Your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X could be fully charged in a few minutes. Qualcomm 3.0 Technology Charge up to 80% of the battery compatible devices when charging for approximately 35 minutes. Power banks that use Quick Charge are one of the most useful charging electronics that you can use because you’re able to charge your Quick Charge compatible smartphone while you’re on-the-go, while at the same time charging it at a very fast speed. Goui – Valen Plus 30,000 mAh Input : Micro USB 5V = 2A Type – C / PD – 45W : ( 5V = 3A , 9V = 3A , 12V = 3A , 15V = 3A , 20V = 2.25A ) Output : Type – C / PD – 45W : ( 5V = 3A , 9V = 3A , 12V = -3A , 15V = 3A , 20V = 2.25A ) USB 1 / QC3.0 : ( 5V – 6.5V = 3A , 6.5V – 9V = 2A , 9V – 12V = 1.5A ) USB 2 / QC3.0 : ( 5V – 6.5V = 3A , 6.5V – 9V = 2A , 9V – 12V = 1.5A ) Triple Output : 30W + 15W Total Cable : 30 cm Type C to USB Cable
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