Moft Magnetic Sticky Pads - Gray

Article number: MS007-WS-P-GRY-02
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With the magnetic sticky pad, you can clip your phone on the surface in front of you in a second. The adhesive side is towards any surfaces like wall or refrigerator, while the magnetic side is towards the MOFT Snap-On / MOFT X on the back of your phone. Attatch your phone with either MOFT Snap-On or MOFT X to it, Turn your phone into a mini TV right away! Finish doing your makeup while watching a video hands free.Continue cooking without ever worrying about grabbing your phone with your hands. Keep watching your favorite show while simultaneously getting ready for the day. Notice: To prevent your phone from accidental drops due to vibrations from incoming calls, please remember to place your device on silent before attaching your phone to the magnetic sticky pad. Customers are responsible for losses caused by accidental drops. Note#1: this product contains two pads Note#2: it needs MOFT X Phone Stand / MOFT Snap-On / Other magnetic accessory to work with. Remember the times when your hands are tied up by other stuff, but you still want to use your phone? With our magnetic sticky pad, you can now use your phone hands-free when you feel like going anywhere! Materials: magnet, ABS, PC and 3M adhesive
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