Mous Limiteless 2.0 Real Aramid Case for iPhone Xr - Carbon Fibre

Article number: LIM2-IX61BLK-KEVLR-RET
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Protected by AiroShock™ Our high impact material, AiroShock™ contains tiny air pockets and cross linking polymer chains that work like springs. Both the polymer and air pockets act together to absorb the energy of an impact and disperse it. This allows us to offer protection whilst retaining a slim and sleek design. We put every new product we make through its paces, this often involves some rather unconventional testing! We don’t always do the testing ourselves though, we let the public and even YouTubers do it for us. Our cases are pretty badass but not indestructible, some times we push it too far! Introducing AutoAlign Our patented magnet mounting technology extends your case seamlessly. Each case features small hidden magnets that work with our crafted add ons that aim to streamline your everyday. Crafted with Real Materials Every single one of our cases is made from real, authentic materials. Whether it is walnut or sea shell, every case is the real deal and unique to you. Free Screen Protector with Every Case. Hurrah! Every case comes with a free triple-layered screen protector made from a blend of TPU, PET & Silicon absorbing more impact than normal screen protectors without compromising on screen functionality.
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