Nonda ZUS Super Duty Cable USB-A to USB-C Cable Right Angle 1.2m - Aramid Fiber Edition

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ZUS® SUPER DUTY USB-C CABLE ARAMID FIBER EDITION USB-C certification, 100% compatibility. The 90-degree USB plug provides a slim fit in narrow spaces. ZUS® SUPER DUTY USB-C CABLE ARAMID FIBER EDITION WORLD’S STRONGEST USB-C CABLE Protected with 8000-Filament Carbon Fiber Core & High Performance Nylon Braiding. 1.Armored:Steel Connector 2.Ruggedized:Rubber Strain Relief 3.Tangle-free:High Performance Nylon Braiding 4.Tangle-free:PVC Jacket 5.Shielded:Dual Layer EMI Protection 6.Shielded:3A/15Watt Capable Wire 10X LONGER LIFESPAN Enhanced by military grade carbon fiber and braided nylon, the ZUS cable can bend over 52,000 times. (Bend test by TÜV. TÜV is a leading international expert in providing testing, product certification, qualification, training and knowledge services.) QUALITY GUARANTEED FOR LIFE Carbon Fiber Cable is covered by a lifetime warranty. If your cable breaks from normal wear and tear, we’ll replace it. PERFECT PAIRING WITH THE ZUS CAR CHARGER With a unique 90-degree plug, the ZUS Super Duty Cable is adept at fitting in narrow spaces. It also pairs perfectly with the ZUS Smart Car Charger for on-the-road charging.
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