SwitchEasy Revive Scent Mini Fan - Blue

Article number: GS-810-66-179-13
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The world's first storage fan, most of the fan on the market has a bulky and clumsy fan blade design. SwitchEasy team introduces you the world's first perfume fan REVIVE which is multi-function and perfume. The design concept of REVIVE is perfume bottle. Elegant, small and lightweight, easy to carry around like a mobile phone. Special perfume slice slot design allows you to insert different flavor slice at your choice. The air would then contain slight aroma or other flavored smell. Fine grain matte surface with a great touch as well as noise reduction design. Features: Special storage design, could transform into perfume bottle factoer, more convenient and aesthetic look. Perfume design, multiple choices on filling fragrance (perfume slices are included) . Hidden Charging Hole, standard micro USB port charging.
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