TYLT Slimboost Power Bank for Apple Lightning Devices 1,300 mAh - Black

Article number: LIT-13SBBK-TE
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TYLT - Slimboost Power Bank for Apple Lightning Devices The TYLT Slim Boost Portable Power Pack has a rechargeable 1300 mAh internal battery that provides up to one-half of a phone charge. The convenient, built-in charging arm eliminates the need to carry around any extra cables that just simply get in the way. Product Features: SLIM, LIGHTWEIGHT POWER FOR IPHONE: This small credit card sized backup power supply can easily fit in a wallet. It weighs only 1.4 ounces, and can keep iPhone or any other lightning-based device charged on the go. Don't get weighed down by heavy power banks or frustrating cords, go slim. INTEGRATED LIGHTNING CHARGING ARM: Save time and frustration by never having to worry about carrying around a charging cord again. The integrated lightning charging cord folds into the Slim Boost's body to keep this backup charger slim and portable for travel or the daily commute. SLIM BOOST HAS A USER’S BACK: Use the rechargeable 1300mAh backup battery pack again and again. This external phone charger is designed to be thin and portable, and it can provide up to one half of a full charge for that crucial moment when users need an energy boost the most, especially in an emergency when a phone just has to work. COMES WITH 1 FT CHARGING CORD: The 1 foot Micro-USB to USB cord comes included with the Slim Boost for easy recharging. The Micro-USB charging cord allows for fast recharging while on the go.
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