Bitplay Snap! Clip for iPhone X

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CLIP: Compatible with iPhone 8 / 8 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 6 / 6 Plus / 6s Plus and SNAP! 8 / 7 phone case. CLIP X: Compatible with iPhone X and SNAP! X phone case. [ One CLIP Wonder ] Clips on either the front or back camera of your iPhone, so you’re covered from landscapes to selfies. It also works with a SNAP! camera case for taking pictures from the front camera. With bitplay’s professional lenses, you’ll be taking better shots in no time. 1.) Perfect alignment. CLIP fits securely into position with no divergence from iPhone’s camera angle. The engraved crosshair makes installation easy and precise. So the lens sits in proper alignment all the time. 2.) Choose your lens. There’s a wide range of bitplay lenses to work with, from small and light to pro-level. There’s always the best lens for each of your special moments. 3.) iPhone friendly. The inner lining is made from soft silicone. This is to protect your iPhone against scratches and abrasion during everyday use. Engineered to be 100% iPhone friendly.
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