BuddyPhones Wave Bluetooth Waterproof Robot Headphones - Blue

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These headphones are waterproof! Does it get any better? That feature alone makes BuddyPhones WAVE the best kid's headphones for active, adventurous kids.
Wave also incorporates SafeAudio® volume-limiting with three listening modes so that you can choose between 75dB, 85dB & 94dB. In addition, they're wireless, so you can easily take them with you anywhere since they have an 18-hours worth of battery life.

BuddyPhones Wave is foldable, with an in-built headphone mic, and features our popular StudyMode® to make studying easier.

You can't go wrong with BuddyPhones Wave.
Spill/Waterproof IP67
18 Hour Battery Life
SafeAudio 75/85/94 dB
Built-in Microphone
30ft Range
AudioShare Cable
Hypo-Allergenic Cushion
Foldable Design

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