Deerma Portable Mini Juice Blender Capsule Shape Powerful Electric Cup

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Deerma 300ml Electric Juicer Blender Imagine that you are planning a 2-week trip, and you wanna have fresh own-making juice every day. But your juicer is too heavy and too big. You can not put it in your luggage. Well, no more worry thanks to this deerma DEM - NU01 Mini Capsule Portable Juicer. With a compact size and powerful function, it is a perfect choice for you! Features - Cute shape Designed as a capsule, the juicer is adorable and eye-catching. You will love it as soon as you see it. - Compact size 77mm diameter and 178mm tall, this juicer is almost the same size as a 5.0-inch smartphone, and it does not take too much space. - Light-weight and portable Only 360g weight, light to carry, and even a 4-year little kid can lift it via the silicone handle strap. - Powerful juicing function 4-blade powerful juicing performance makes juice, milkshake, Sorbet and baby food in a quick and fresh way. - Rechargeable battery The juicer can be charged via a power bank or a car charger, so you can make juice any time you want. - Easy operation Put ingredients in and click, and then wait for the fresh juice. - Safe material Eco-friendly PC material is the same grade as baby bottles. It is safe and harmless to your health. FAQ: 1. How many cups of juice can I make? You can make 6 cups when the juicer is fully charged. Please note that the working environment may affect performance. 2. Can I wash the juicer after using it? Yes, of course. The juicer is designed with a washable body. 3. I am worried about leakage when I put in in my bag. Is it leak-proof? Yes. The juicer bottle is sealed and leak-proof. Specification Power: 45W Voltage: 5V Battery: 1200mAh Charging time: about 3 hours Rotate speed: 18000rpm Blade number: 4 Capacity: 300ml Material: PC
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