Evutec Karbon Value Thin Series 0.7mm Aramid Fiber Case for IPhone 11 Pro - Black

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【5X Steel Strength】 The advanced composite material (100% Real Aramid Fiber) we use to build the case is 5 times as strong as steel of the same weight. This material is commonly used in armor (bulletproof vest), spacecraft, jet engines and race cars. ⭐【Slim & Protective】 While the case is only 0.7mm thin and lightweight, our Karbon case is also very protective. It provides two (2) feet of protection without adding bulkiness. ⭐【Wireless Charging Compatibility】 This case will work with all wireless chargers. Our case also will not interfere with WIFI, cellular, GPS, or Bluetooth signal. This case has No metal insert. Will NOT work with Evutec Vent Mount】⭐
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