Fuse Chicken Titan Loop The Toughest Key Chain Cable on Earth USB to Lightning Connector

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You're out on the town and need a charge, but those other key chain cables are too short to easily reach USB ports and can break all too easily. Meet TITAN LOOP - The Toughest Key Chain Cable on Earth. TITAN LOOP extends to nearly 25cm / 9in long, but loops in half to attach to your key chain, belt loop, backpack, or MacBook bag. Meet the last key chain cable you will ever need. MFi Lightning Certified Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty SAY GOODBYE TO FRAYED AND DAMAGED CABLES. We've all seen it - the frayed cables, cords tied in knots, and the happy puppy chewing on our charger. TITAN Loop solves all of that and more in a convenient and portable travel charge cable size. SPECIFICATIONS • Approximately 25cm / 9in • MFI iPhone Lightning to USB connector • TITAN LOOP easily extends to your USB plug in, and it's always within reach. HUMAN PROOF The Lightning and USB connectors on TITAN are permanently sealed with a one-piece housing fused directly over the electronics and metal cabling. That equates to a cable that is built to last. PET PROOF Charge cables take a beating. From suitcases to pet rabbits, we have all found new ways to destroy our source of power. That's why we wrapped TITAN LOOP in two layers of flexible, high-strength steel. Let's see your puppy try and chew through that. EVERYTHING PROOF Say hello to the only key chain cable that can stop a chainsaw in its tracks. NORMAL IS BORING. TITAN LOOP may not solve the world's problems, but it'll certainly ease your frustration. No need to watch other "normal" cables continue to break and fray. TITAN LOOP is the last travel cable you'll ever need.
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