Goui 15W Detachable Super Fast Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

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Capacity 5200mAh Power Bank - Flash Light - Speaker Bluetooth - Waterproof - Shockproof - Bike Holdeer & Hook With this newly designed speaker which can be used both indoor and outdoor, such as shower, bathroom, sea beach, outdoor-sport. With its compact size, making it a convenient addition to any place, easily to carry with. Specification Capacity: 5200mAh Input Voltage: 4.3-5.3V Input Current: 1A Output: USB DC 5V/1A Charging time: 11-20hrs Material: Aluminium Dimension: 150*48*48mm Speaker Power: 4ohm 3W Playing: About 11 hours IPX5: water resistant Shockproof / Dustproof
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