Goui LUX 10000mAh QI wireless 10W Powerbank TypeC Rubber Suction Cup

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External battery Goui LUX is ideal for those who want to keep an accessory with the latest technologies in fast charging - Recommended for the majority of mobile device providers with adequate cables - 3 modes of mobile device charging - USB Type-C Power Delivery (PD) 18W, USB Quick Charge 3 18W, Fast Wireless 10W - USB Type-C Power Delivery (5V, max 3A; 9V, max 2A; 12V, max 1.5A) - Incarca fast dispositive mobile cu suport PD, inlusiv cele din seria Apple iPhone 8 / X / 11 - USB Quick Charge 3 (5V, max 3A; 9V, max 2A; 12V, max 1.5A) - fast charging device with support Quick Charge 2/3 - Wireless (5V, max 1A; 9V, max 1.1A) - integrated with incarcare module for disposable avand wireless incarceration module QI, supported including incarcare fast wireless 7.5W (iPhone) / 10W - For mobile mobile devices support PD / QC 3 / Fast Wireless, standard application 5V, max 3A, respectively 5V, max 1A (wireless) - Corp realizat din material ignifug, cu capacitate mare de 10000 mA - Button to verify battery capacity - Spate can be used with mini ventures to use mobile space dispensers in wireless QI wireless cables or cables - Ideal for computerized computer calorimetric dimensions reduced in ergonomic body - External battery power port: MicroUSB (5V, max 2A), USB Type-C (allows fast charging) - USB cable extension - MIcroUSB: 30 cm - Power switch (nominal): 18W
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