Just Mobile Gum Max Duo Battery Pack 11,200 mAh - Silver

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The twin-powered backup battery Keep your iPhone and iPad charged with the Just Mobile Gum Max Duo Battery Pack. The battery pack is equipped with two USB charging ports that allow you to charge both devices at the same time. It will output 2.4 amps of power to your iPad, affording up to seven hours of additional battery life. Meanwhile it will deliver 1 amp of power to your iPhone. To check the remaining power of the battery pack, simply look at its eight LED indicator lights. The aluminum shell of the Gum Max Duo is durable and affords a modern look. Additionally, a sleeve is included to protect your Gum Max Pro. Two USB charging ports allow you to charge your iPad and iPhone at the same time (Lightning cable sold separately) Delivers 2.4 amps for iPad (up to seven hours of additional battery life) and 1 amp for iPhone Charging capacity of 11,200mAh Aluminum shell is durable and modern looking Eight LED indicator lights let you know the remaining power of the Gum Max Duo Includes a black shockproof rubber sleeve for protection Charge the Gum Max Duo, as well as other micro USB devices, using the included USB to micro USB cable PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Compatible with all smartphones and tablets Two USB Outputs Delivers 2.4A to iPad Up to Seven Hours of iPad Battery Life Delivers 1A to iPhone 11,200mAh Charging Capacity Eight LED Indicator Lights Aluminum Shell Includes Rubber Sleeve
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