Nite Ize Steelie Orbiter Windshield Mount Kit - Silver and Black

Article number: STOWK-01-R8
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Nite Ize - Steelie Orbiter Windshield Mount Kit This powerful magnetic phone mounting system combines portable convenience with the power of Steelie. This kit allows users to easily attach, detach, and rotate a phone on the Windshield Mount, which secures to any windshield using patented suction technology. The low-profile metal plate adheres to a phone or case, creating a strong magnetic connection with the Orbiter Magnetic Socket to hold a phone securely in place. Product Features: Portable Windshield Mount features a patented suction cup design and locking lever for ultimate holding power Orbiter Magnetic Socket uses a powerful neodymium magnet for a secure hold between the Windshield Mount and metal plate Silicone center of Orbiter Magnetic Socket and Steelie ball shape allow smooth adjustment and rotation for the perfect viewing angle By combining magnetic strength with a unique high-friction phone-docking surface, a phone stays confidently attached to the Orbiter magnetic phone mounting system Low-profile metal plate attaches to phone or case using 3M 300LSE adhesive Orbiter Magnetic Socket is compatible with all Steelie mounts
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