Ohsnap Super-thin Smart grip, stand, and magnet - White

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Ohsnap is a powerful grip, stand, and magnet wrapped inside a super-thin frame. It makes life with your phone happy, productive, and care-free without the ugly bulk. Ohsnap works for all phones and finger sizes, and is easily adhered to the back of your phone in less than 20 seconds. Secure, one-handed gripping is quick and easy with the ohsnap grip. Just slide your finger through the loop! It’s there when you need it, and not when you don’t. . Ohsnap transforms into a multi-angle stand, so whether you’re on facetime with a friend or taking a break to watch some YouTube, this handy kickstand has you covered. Ohsnap is magnetic, so now multitasking is easier than ever. Gym equipment, fridges, car mounts and more… it sticks to them like magic! Ohsnap Grip Is An Ultra Thin Grip For Smartphone That Works With Wireless Charger Too. *If you think PopSockets is a little too obtrusive, then Ohsnap Grip may tickle your fancy. Well, that’s if you are into that sort of thing. Ohsnap Grip is like PopSockets, but engineered to be super, duper low profile. Ohsnap Grip is so low profile that you probably won’t notice it until you need to use it. In addition to serving as a grip, it is also a stand for both portrait and landscape orientations, and it has a magnet safely wrapped inside, so you can adhere your device to virtually any ferrous metal surface. Thanks to its super, duper low profile, your wireless charging-enabled smartphone will still works on regular charging pad. If you do not already have a wireless charging pad, Ohsnap has one, called Snapcharge, specifically designed to work with Ohsnap Grip, to sell it to you too. Ohsnap Grip works for all phones and finger sizes. Speaking of fingers… using it is as easy as this:
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