Pitaka Magnetic MagEzMount Qi Wirelessly Charger - Car Vent

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The MagEZ Mount Qi is our unique magnetic wireless car charger that, when combined with a MagEZ phone case provides fast, stable wireless charging. With an adjustable 360° mount, get the best viewing angle while you drive. The built-in cooling fan and sensors ensure the magnetic car mount never overheats, maximizing the MagEZ Mount Qi's fast charging potential. Attach and Charge Simply attach a MagEZ Case for stable wireless charging even on the bumpiest of journeys. Organize the MagEZ Series Keep your personal items safe and organized by attaching your MagEZ Case to the MagEZ Mount Qi while driving. Safe and Reliable The built-in cooling fan reduces heat, increasing the MagEZ Mount Qi's charging power. The charger includes sensors that detect an increase in temperature, voltage, and current to protect your device and the MagEZ Mount Qi while driving.
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