Zendure SuperTank Pro 100W Crush-Proof Power Bank Portable Charger with OLED Screen 26,800mAh - Silver

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Pack with Features TI Battery Fuel Gauge SuperTank Pro is the first portable battery that features an advanced TI battery fuel gauge, allowing for adaptive charging and power cell balance. Pass-Through Charging With pass-through charging, you can recharge SuperTank Pro from the input USB-C port while simultaneously outputting power to the other USB-C devices. A New Level of Durability SuperTank Pro is made of an aluminum alloy which protects the internal components, to keep up with the demands of a mobile workplace. 9-Layers of Protection SuperTank Pro monitors a variety of internal metrics in real-time for safety, efficiency, and device protection. 100W USB-C PD Input & Output. Fast Charge Devices and Itself. Stay Up to Date with Upgradeable Firmware. OLED Display for Various Charging Information. One Week Usage with Sky-high 26,800mAh Capacity Power your phone for up to a week with a fully-charged SuperTank Pro or share power with other while collaborating. OLED Screen for Real-Time Information The OLED display on SuperTank Pro gives you real-time information about your power usage and remaining charge Stay Up to Date with Upgradeable Firmware Keep your SuperTank Pro compatible with the latest devices just by updating the firmware.
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